When Should I Start Packing to Move

If you’re getting ready to move to a new home, you’re probably wondering about when to start packing your belongings. The more you do ahead of time, the smoother your moving day will be. If possible, get preparations started six-eight weeks before moving day, but start packing no later than three weeks before the deadline. Here are some guidelines to help you along the way!

Packing Six to Eight Weeks Out – Decisions, Decisions

After giving your house a good cleaning, think about two things… what you want to move, and what you do not want to take with you. Start getting rid of the stuff you don’t want any more. Can it be donated, or does it go in the trash?  Can someone else get some use out of it?  Taking only the things you genuinely want will make your move… and your life much easier!

Four Weeks Out – Choose Your Moving Company

You probably have a pretty good idea whether you want to hire a full-service moving company or whether you want to pack and move everything yourself. If you’re going to move yourself, start looking into rental trucks, so you have an understanding of what you need in terms of reservations, timing, and finances. 

If you’ve decided to use a moving company, you should get two or three quotes before deciding. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, and don’t forget to check online reviews for information about potential movers. Your realtor is often a useful resource when you’re looking for a moving company recommendation. You can request an in-home estimate from a moving company, and they will come out and review packing and moving costs with you.

Two to Three Weeks Out – Packing it Up!

Okay… two to three weeks left, and it’s go time!  Start the process by gathering all your packing materials… boxes, suitcases, linens and towels. Even socks can get in on the action by wrapping toiletries in glass bottles. 

Start with stuff that you’re not using. Clean out your storage spaces and pack what you’re taking. Hopefully, you’ve cleaned out the things you don’t want any more weeks ago!  Go room by room, and label boxes by room as you work through them. Save the kitchen for last. Any valuable or personal items should stay with you to make sure they move to your new home safely and securely. 

One Week to Go – The Home Stretch Packing

Time to pack up the kitchen. It’s essential to be organized and have the right materials on hand for this job, so be prepared. As you pack up your bedroom, keep the clothes in the drawers and wrap the whole drawer with plastic. There’s no sense wasting time and boxes. Just keep clothes in their drawers and put them back into the dresser on the other end. 

And Then There’s Plan B

What if you don’t want to pack your belongings yourself?  Remember those moving companies you interviewed three to four weeks ago?  Ask them to give you a quote to do the packing for you. 

At Freedom Movers, we’re a full-service moving company, and we can move the items that you’ve packed, or we can pack and move the whole house. Contact us today, and we’ll come out and give you an estimate either way. Let us help take the stress out of moving for you!