What’s Involved in Long Distance MovingLong-distance moving requires a lot more planning than if you’re moving the next town over.

Here are some tips to make your long-distance moving experience a success.

Start Planning

Planning to move long distances can be a huge undertaking that requires careful planning to reduce stress and hiccups along the way. If you’re planning to use a moving company, it’s a good idea to reach out to companies at least three months before your move. This gives you time to find the best moving company and know what you need to do for a smooth transition.

Get In-Home Estimates

Once you’ve narrowed down moving companies in your local area, it’s time to get an in-home estimate. Estimators will come out to your home or office to evaluate your belongings and give you an accurate quote on the cost of your long-distance move.

If you’re planning to pack yourself, you can also ask about the best materials to use to minimize damage to your belongings. At Freedom Moving, we offer packing services which include materials. This may be helpful if you don’t want to spend your time gathering materials and packing for the move.

Know Your Rights

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulations in place for long-distance moving. The FMCSA clearly states what you and the moving company are responsible for.

Familiarize yourself with these rights before you get estimates and ask any questions about the moving company’s valuation and responsibility if they aren’t clearly laid out.

Get Real About Your Belongings

The more you take with you, the more it will cost to move. The best way to reduce the cost of a long-distance move is to declutter and eliminate unnecessary items.

Bulky and heavy furniture can be a pain to move and may cost more than it’s worth. Suppose you already know the layout of your new place. In that case, you should consider furniture placement and if your current items will fit. If you’re unsure about specific things, ask the moving company when they come for the in-home estimate about packing materials costs and moving long distances to see if it’s worth taking with you.

Start Packing

If you plan to do your own packing, it’s never too early to get started with items you won’t need until after the move. Label all boxes and bins to know what’s in them and where they go when you get to your final destination. Keep all essential items out and pack them separately, especially important documents and medications.

Suppose you let the moving company pack, group items together by room or what makes sense to you. Separate things to take with you, so they don’t accidentally get packed by the moving company.

Pack a bag with clothes, medications, and anything else you may need if your delivery window spans a few days. There’s always a chance of an unexpected problem delaying the moving truck, so it’s better to be cautious and prepared.

Need Professional Help? Call Freedom Moving Today!

Freedom Moving in Pasadena, Maryland, offers packing and moving services, whether you’re moving down the street or across the country. We make the long-distance moving process as stress-free as possible, so you can focus on getting yourself to your new home or office.

Summer is the busiest month for moving, so if your move is happening soon, contact us today to get a free in-home estimate. If you know your moving timeframe, we can get you on the schedule now, so you don’t have to find another moving company later.