Tips and Tricks at Your Local LandfillWhen planning a home or office move, you’re bound to have a pile of trash to throw away. The pile starts as you go through all your belongings and ends with an enormous stack of cardboard boxes as you unpack in your new home.

Before you throw things in your residential trash, consider these tips and tricks to help you at your local landfill.

Sorting Trash and Recycle

Depending on where you’re moving from and to, you may have a local pickup for trash and recycle. If you don’t have too many items, you may be able to put them at the curb to be thrown away or recycled. But if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of or don’t have curbside pickup, you’ll have to go to your local landfill to dispose of them.

Know how to sort items before you go. Many landfills have designated areas for household items, batteries, recycle, breakables, and electronics. Check the website or place a call to find out how to sort your disposable things to make the trip smoother.

Combine Like Items

To consolidate items going to the local landfill, combine like items. For example, you can recycle clean paper and cardboard, metal cans, and certain plastic bottles. Place all these items together, maybe in a cardboard box, so that you can offload them at once.

Similarly, place trash items together and bag them up for more accessible and cleaner disposal. Put all your dead batteries in a container together, and do the same with electronics.

By combining like items, you can get rid of many things quickly and efficiently at your local landfill.

Bring Reinforcements

If you have a sizeable amount of stuff to take to the landfill, bring reinforcements to help you load and unload. With like items combined and your trash and recycle sorted according to how the stations are set up at your local landfill, you can make quick work of getting rid of the items with some help.

If you’re packing and moving your own items, it’s a good idea to have reinforcements for heavy lifting on landfill day. This preplanning can reduce the risk of injury when unloading at your local landfill. Plus, you’ll be ready to go to continue packing and get the moving truck loaded up for your new adventure.

Reassess Before Moving Day

Even though you have likely gone through the items you want to keep, donate, or throw away, it can’t hurt to go back through your belongings before moving day. The less you have to pack and move, the cheaper your moving costs will be, and the faster the process takes.

Consider how much you may need an item and where it fits in at your new home. If you can’t imagine the item in your new place, consider donating it or throwing it away, depending on its condition.

Hiring the Pros for Your Packing and Moving Needs

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