Should I Wrap My Furniture to Move

Whether you’re moving house on your own or hiring a moving company, you’ll need to get packing materials if you aren’t having the movers pack for you. The question should I be wrapping my furniture when moving? comes up when gathering supplies, and the answer is, it depends. If you aren’t worried about nicks, dents, scrapes, or other damage to the piece, then you can get away with not wrapping it. However, if you want your furniture to survive the move without injury, you might want to take the time to wrap it when moving.

Here are some tips to use when wrapping your furniture for your move.

Use the Right Materials When Wrapping My Furniture

You’ll need different packing supplies depending on the material from which your furniture is made. Here are some of the supplies you might need:

  • Furniture moving pads
  • Plastic wrap
  • Moving blankets or old blankets you already own
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam padding
  • Plastic storage bags or boxes

Plastic wrap (like you use in the kitchen) is a great way to keep drawers closed and pieces together, like table legs. But you want to avoid using it directly on porous surfaces like wood. If you want the extra protection plastic wrap provides, use moving blankets or foam padding in between the wood and plastic wrap.

Prep Your Furniture Before Wrapping

Take the time to clean the furniture when preparing it for the move. Any dust or debris could scratch the furniture once you wrap it. Plus, if you clean it before you leave, you won’t have to when you get to where you’re going.

Remove any knobs, drawer pulls, or casters from the piece. Empty all the drawers to make it easier to move the furniture. Place all removed parts into plastic bags or storage containers labeled with the item they came from for easy assembly later on. You can also tape the bag on the bottom of the furniture piece, so you’re sure to keep it together until you’re ready to reassemble.

Remove and Protect

Now it’s time to take off any legs from couches or tables. Dismantle the bed frames and pack away the cushions. Disassembling large pieces before moving day will save you time. It will also allow for easy organization of screws and other parts you’ll need when setting the furniture up at your final destination.

For items with sharp corners, use foam padding to cushion them from potential damage. Bubble wrap is excellent for fragile pieces like mirrors and pictures. You can even tape them together once wrapped for added protection.

Sheets of cardboard are a great option to place around furniture and glass to add more protection from breakage or damage. Old blankets, moving quilts, and you can even use couch cushions to protect and keep things from shifting as you drive down the road.

Hire a Professional

Suppose you’d rather not gather packing supplies and take your furniture apart. In that case, it might be worth hiring a full service moving company like Freedom Moving in Pasadena, Maryland. We can handle the entire moving process, from packing your current home to unpacking at your new location. Call us today or fill out the contact form to get a free, no-obligation quote on your moving needs.