Short-Term Rentals – Filling the Housing GapIf we lived in a perfect world, the timing of selling your current home and moving to your new one would happen on the same day. We wouldn’t have to worry about short-term rentals. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.

So, what happens when you find the perfect seller for your current space but closing occurs 30 or more days before you can move into your new place? One way to prevent you and your family from homelessness is to rent your current home back from the new owners. While some buyers might be okay with this solution, many are just as eager to get into their new home as you are to pack up and move to your new home.

Need another solution? Short-term rentals are probably the next best solution for filling the gap between settlements. And you have several options from which to choose.

Types of Short-Term Rentals

While some may get lucky and be able to stay with family or friends when they’re between settlements, many will have to find other accommodations. Consider these short-term rental options to fill the gap as your temporary home-between-home.

Don’t forget to find a storage unit for all your stuff while you’re between homes. Finding the right facility is just another step in securing a short-term rental solution.


When you sublet from someone, you take over their lease for a specific length of time. Some landlords require their permission before a tenant can sublet their property, so make sure you thoroughly research before choosing this option. You don’t want to be halfway through your stay and have to deal with an angry landlord that will shorten your stay unexpectedly.

Extended Stay Hotels

Though most hotel stays are for a week or less per trip, there are extended-stay hotels designed to look like small apartments, with a kitchenette and more living space. These units are priced for longer timeframes and vary by location, length of stay, and which hotel chain you use. A few extended stay hotel options include Marriott, Extended Stay America, and Choice Hotels.

Vacation Rentals

Airbnb, Vrbo, Owner Direct, and Homeaway (now owned by Vrbo) are just a few websites offering vacation rentals for various lengths of time. Finding a house-sitting gig that matches the time you need for a short-term rental could be the best deal. In this case, you usually only have to pay a membership fee for the website and not for your stay.

Corporate Housing

A lesser-known option for short-term rentals is corporate housing. This type of lodging is usually for business travelers. However, it can also be used for short term-housing solutions when you’re between homes. Availability and pricing vary widely by location, so consider housing near your current home and your new one to see which area is better for your budget.

The Best Solution for Packing and Moving Services

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