Maryland on The Move – Where to DonateThroughout the moving process, you’ve probably packed at least a box or two intended to donate to one of the Maryland businesses accepting them. Now that your move date is getting closer, what should you do with the donation box you set aside while prepping for the big day?

Well, you have a few options in Maryland to donate gently used and brand-new items.

Call or Go Online to Schedule a Pickup

Suppose you don’t have the time or ability to drive somewhere to drop off your donation boxes. In that case, you could schedule a pickup with one of several companies that offer this service in Maryland.

A few donation centers with pickup services available are:

  • DonationTown
  • Pickup Please
  • Purple Heart
  • Vietnam Veterans of America
  • DonateDAV
  • Second Chance Inc
  • GreenDrop
  • The Salvation Army

These companies make it easy to set up a time for them to come out and pick up your donate box. Go online or call them to schedule a pickup time convenient for you. On the day of the pickup, set out your box or boxes, and they will send a truck to pick up the donations. They will even leave a receipt you can use for a tax deduction or provide you a receipt via email to use when you file your taxes.

Drop off the Donation Box

Suppose you have more time or already have your donations in the car. In that case, you can also drop off your donation boxes at several Maryland locations.

Goodwill and The Salvation Army are two places that have open hours where you can drop off donations. Other services may have drop-off hours, but you should check what hours are available and what items you can drop off. For example, certain Habitat for Humanity stores will take gently used furniture and household items to resell in their stores.

Like the companies offering pickup services, these companies also provide receipts if you want to write off the donated items on your tax return.

Other Options to Donate Goods in Maryland

There are also other options to donate your items in Maryland. You can access the Maryland Charities Database to find causes vital to you that will take donated items. Charities listed in this database have already been vetted for compliance and are registered in the state.

You can also use websites like FreeCycle, Next Door, and Buy Nothing to offer your items free to neighbors and people living in and around your community. You may have to create an account or access a local group through Facebook, but then you can post your items with a photo so someone can pick them up.

While you won’t get a tax deduction for going this route, you will be able to help a local family in need with items. You can also use these websites and groups to find things you may need. You might be looking for your current Maryland home or when you get settled in your new location.

Getting Help with the Packing and Moving Process

If the thought of completing all the packing and moving has you overwhelmed, contact Freedom Moving in Pasadena, Maryland. We offer packing and moving services to take the overwhelm out of the process.

Whether you just need help packing, or want us to get you from A to B, contact us today for a free estimate.