Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage UnitDuring the moving process, you may come to a point where you need to rent a storage unit. This location can temporarily house your furniture, clothes, and other personal items until you’re ready to move them to your new home.

But is it better to rent an indoor or outdoor storage unit? Before you decide, it’s important to understand the differences between the types of units and the benefits for each.

What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Storage?

Indoor storage units often look like an apartment building on the inside – several floors of units separated by a hallway with doors to each unit on both sides. Indoor storage facilities are only accessible indoors and are usually climate-controlled. They are more common in urban areas with higher populations.

Outdoor storage units are the largest units that have exterior access. They may not be climate-controlled, and there might not be as much security as you find with indoor units. Outdoor storage facilities are often used for vehicles, boats, and storing large or several small to medium-sized items.

Advantages of Indoor Storage Units

Climate Controlled

Most indoor units in a warehouse setting are climate-controlled. If you don’t want personal items like art, jewelry, and furniture exposed to fluctuating Maryland temperatures, an indoor storage unit is the way to go.


With most indoor storage facilities in urban and more populated areas, you won’t have to drive far to get to your unit. The convenience of going back and forth during the moving process might make an indoor storage facility a better choice.

Better Security

Most storage facilities have security cameras and secure fences, even for outdoor units. But indoor units have added security by being locked inside the warehouse. It deters thieves, especially in the storage facilities that have the manager living on site.

Advantages of Outdoor Storage Units

Larger Units

Most indoor facilities are small- to medium-sized units, so you’re limited to what you can store there. But outdoor storage units are usually much bigger, so you can keep as much as you want. If you have enough stuff to fill two indoor units, one outdoor unit may be the better choice.

Less Expensive

You may be surprised by how cost-effective a large outdoor storage unit is when you compare it to a small indoor storage unit. Without climate control and space not as much premium, you can often get a great deal on an outdoor storage unit.

Vehicle Storage

An outdoor storage unit is the best option if you have to store a jet ski, car, boat, RV, or other large items. Depending on the size, you may even have room left over to keep some other personal belongings until you’re ready to move them.

Easier Access

Depending on the indoor storage unit, you may have to park your car, unload your items, go up steps or an elevator, then down a hallway or two before you reach your unit. If you have to make more than one trip, it can be exhausting. With an outdoor storage unit, you can often drive right up to the door to unload your stuff directly into the space.

Preparing for Your Move

Taking inventory, deciding what stays and what goes, and packing your belongings are just a few of the steps to take during a move. Why take it all on yourself when you don’t have to?

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