Holiday Storage IdeasWhile the holiday season is in full swing, too soon, we’ll be focusing on taking down all the decorations after the New Year. Are you looking for holiday storage ideas? We’ve got a few for you, including some for the DIY-lovers out there!

Ornament Storage

Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, especially if you collect the yearly ceramic ornaments that are so popular. While they look great on the tree, they can be a challenge to store. A simple ornament container with multiple layers is usually the perfect choice with these and traditional ball ornaments. Each layer is fabric-lined with padding to keep delicate ornaments intact, lightweight and usually come with handles to remove each layer. Tray dividers allow you to customize each space to fit oddly shaped ornaments.

Want a DIY solution? Grab a plastic bin and upcycle:

  • Plastic cups
  • Cardboard
  • Egg cartons
  • Apple containers
  • Beverage trays
  • Coffee filters

Place your ornaments in each container and stack them in a bin for safe storage.

Light Storage

Throwing lights in a bin together always means a tangled mess when you take them out next year. Instead, cut a piece of cardboard to size and wrap the strands around each piece. You could also use small traffic cones. Place each wrapped light strand in a bin or box until you’re ready to pull them back out.

You can also buy light reels, which look like hose reels. To keep them tangle-free, you can wrap and secure your strands and place them in the insulated bag.

Tree and Wreath Storage

If you use an artificial tree, you know what a challenge they are to store. The proper storage solution can extend the life of your artificial tree, making them last for years. There are several solutions:

  1. Store the tree on the same floor as it’s set up, like the garage, closet, or nearby storage room.
  2. Use a concrete tube to store the tree, and you can roll it under the bed or into a closet or storage room easily.
  3. Install a ceiling rack in your garage or basement to store your tree and other holiday decor without sacrificing floor space.
  4. Take your tree apart and rebuild it in your attic or storage room if you have the right ceiling height.

Wreaths can also be stored on a coat rack using hangers and plastic bags for protection. Or, you can buy an artificial wreath storage container for a crush-proof solution.

Holiday Linen Storage

You should store and protect tree skirts, tablecloths, and other holiday linens away from moisture, mold, and dust so you can reuse them next year. Hang them on a hanger or two and put them in airtight space-saving bags. Then, hang them in a closet, under the bed, or wherever you might have room. To make it easier, sort your linens by holiday and store each set in its own bag.

Wrapping Paper Storage

With so many options, wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons, and other wrapping accessories can quickly get out of hand. Wrangle them all together for easy access whenever you need them with some of these clever storage solutions:

  • Magazine files to organize gift bags.
  • A shoebox for loose ribbons and bows.
  • Cut the bottoms of the pockets in a shoe organizer for easy wrapping paper storage. Use the bottom row for ribbons, bows, tape, and other accessories.
  • Hang everything in a wrapping paper storage bag or use a garment bag in a pinch.
  • Use a stacking ribbon dispenser box to organize and dispense your ribbon spools.

Happy Holidays from Freedom Moving… and we look forward to serving you in the New Year!