Finding the Best Storage FacilityIf you need to store your personal or office belongings before or after a move, a storage unit may be your best choice. With so many self-storage facility options in and around Pasadena, Maryland, how can you choose? Here is what to look for at a storage facility to help you decide which one is right for you.

Safety and Security

Before you are tempted by storage facility signs about great deals on units, consider the price you could pay for that cheap storage unit.

Suppose you care about your safety when going to and from the unit and protecting your belongings when you’re not there. If so, then the cheapest option may not be the best option. Even though it may cost more, storage facilities that put in measures to prevent theft, damage, and danger to its customers are worth it.

Here are some features to consider when looking for a storage facility:

  • Does it have a security guard?
  • Is there a fence around the property to deter theft?
  • Do the units have fire safety measures in place, like fire alarms, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers?
  • Are the units clean and climate-controlled?
  • Does the facility have a pest control protocol?
  • Is your unit high enough to prevent water if a severe storm or flood comes through?
  • Is the door protected with working latches or locks?

Customer Service and Management

When you first contact a storage facility, how are you treated? That first impression can set the tone for how the facility treats its customers. Employees should greet you in a friendly manner, and the staff should be able to answer questions readily and thoroughly.

Ask to speak to the manager to get a feel for how they run the facility. Storage facilities with managers who live on-sight can deal with problems quickly and efficiently, especially if something happens after hours, like gate malfunction or suspicious person loitering.

Check online reviews and ask family or friends if they have a recommendation as well. First impressions can sometimes be deceiving, especially if they just want your business. It’s how they treat you once you’re a customer that can make or break your choice in a storage facility.


If you’re in the process of moving or will go back and forth to your storage unit, location is essential. Consider how easy it is to come and go, especially during busy traffic times. The cost of gas may also be a factor.

However, if you won’t be going to the unit much, you may get a better deal with a remote storage facility.

Size Options

A great way to save money on a storage unit is to rent the size you need. Paying for extra space is a waste of money. Compare unit sizes and prices across multiple facilities to find the right size for your budget.


Not all storage facilities allow 24/7 access, and some are only open during regular 9 to 5 hours. Suppose you work during the day and can only visit your unit in the evening or weekend. In that case, a 24/7 facility or one with extended hours is probably best.

For units open around the clock, find out the process for getting in after regular business hours. Is a gate code provided? Is security on the grounds to keep people accessing their units safe?

Preparing for Your Move

When preparing for your move, the process can be overwhelming. How much better would you feel if you had help with packing? What about moving your items from your home or office into your storage unit or to your new location?

If the thought of doing it all yourself is too much to bear, call us at Freedom Moving in Pasadena, Maryland, for a free estimate. You can also fill out our price quote form in just a few minutes to get a free, no-obligation quote. Contact us today to learn why our customers choose Freedom Moving in Pasadena, Maryland!