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The idea of moving can be very daunting. The packing process alone requires quite a bit of thought and planning. We’ve put together some packing hacks to help you get through the process with a little less stress.

Put Together Your “Essentials” Pack

Designate a small suitcase or tote bag with the things you will need first when you arrive at your new place. Be sure to include phone chargers, prescription medications, at least one change of clothes, and your standard toiletries… deodorant, soap, toothbrush, etc. Everything you will need and won’t want to hunt for.

You also might want to pack a few essential tools you know you’ll need on the other end to put beds and other pieces of furniture together. Think about packing some paper plates, cups, and cutlery… to use while you’re hunting for the real thing!

Great Packing Hacks – Use Suitcases to Pack

While we’re on the topic of suitcases, think about using them for heavier things that you won’t want to carry in boxes. The fact that they have wheels makes them easier to move from place to place.

Great Packing Hacks – Put Your Linens and Towels to Work for You!

Rather than packing all your linens and towels in a box, use them to cushion breakable items that are difficult to pack. They will provide padding, and everything will get to the new location in one piece. Use dishtowels to keep your knives safe. Wrap the towel around the knife (or other sharp objects) and snap on a rubber band to keep it secure. You might want to use socks to transport toiletries, such as perfume bottles.

Use Pots and Tupperware as Packing “Pods”

Here’s a great packing hack for you!  We’ve all got small objects in the kitchen… everything from spice bottles to the stuff in the “Junk Drawer.”  Don’t waste a packing box on these items. Put them in your pots and pans and tape the lids on. Or, better yet, use your Tupperware, or other plastic containers with lids to pack these small items. They’re all going to the kitchen, right?

Packing Hacks – Take a Picture of the Back of Your Television

This one packing Hre’s hack will save you so much time and aggravation. Snap a photo of the back of your TV BEFORE you unhook everything and pack it up. You think you’ll remember, but a picture is worth a thousand curse words, in this case!

Do Not Overpack Boxes – Important Packing Hacks

Resist the temptation to overpack your boxes and make them too heavy. Chances are, the heavier the packing box is, the more likely it is to be dropped during transport. Keep the weight of your boxes manageable, and they will fare better during the move.

There is Another Way

If you are short on time or lack the inclination to do your own packing, ask your mover to provide packing service. Most full-service moving companies will be happy to pack your boxes for an additional fee. 

At Freedom Movers, we offer full service moving and packing and help make your move as stress-free as possible. Contact us today, and we’ll come by and give you an estimate for all your packing and moving needs.