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Moving to Anne Arundel County or a few Counties over? Let Freedom move you. Our staff can provide pack, move and upack all of your belongs and furniture. No item is to large or fragile for our Professional Crew to handle with care. Whether you are planning an upcoming moving date or need short notice service? Give Freedom Moving a call today.

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Moving from Maryland or relocating to Maryland? Let Freedom move you. Our staff can professionally prepare and pack our truck, then our professional driver will deliver your belongings to your new home or out of town storage facility. A local crew will await our truck and unpack all of your belongins. Planning to move down the road or need priority service? Call Freedom Today.

Moving Tips

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Want to get a BIG headstart on packing and moving? Read the Tips & Trick from Freedom Moving Professionals. Our easy-to-follow articles cover a range of topics including time saving packing tips, protection tips for your delicate valuables, back-saving tips on how to move large furniture and much more. Even if you are not moving for months, Freedom Moving is here to help.

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Moving Tips and Tricks

  • Setting Up Your Yard Sale
    Setting Up Your Yard Sale
    Choosing when to set up your yard sale for success takes some careful planning and consideration. Most often, high-traffic days are Saturday and Sunday. People who frequent yard sales expect to spend early mornings on the weekend rummaging through other people’s stuff to find treasures. Check the weather to make sure it won’t be too hot, too cold, or raining. Start early and be ready to open for business by at least 7 AM, when the early birds are ready to go. Plan to be open until at least lunchtime or longer so that you can be available to the...
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  • Tips and Tricks at Your Local Landfill
    Tips and Tricks at Your Local Landfill
    When planning a home or office move, you’re bound to have a pile of trash to throw away. The pile starts as you go through all your belongings and ends with an enormous stack of cardboard boxes as you unpack in your new home. Before you throw things in your...
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  • Your Pre-Move Decluttering
    Your Pre-Move Decluttering
    Whether you’ve been in your home for a long time or just have a lot of possessions, decluttering can be a stressful part of moving. Most people don’t realize how much stuff they have accumulated until they are preparing to move. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of...
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