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Moving to Anne Arundel County or a few Counties over? Let Freedom move you. Our staff can provide pack, move and upack all of your belongs and furniture. No item is to large or fragile for our Professional Crew to handle with care. Whether you are planning an upcoming moving date or need short notice service? Give Freedom Moving a call today.

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Moving from Maryland or relocating to Maryland? Let Freedom move you. Our staff can professionally prepare and pack our truck, then our professional driver will deliver your belongings to your new home or out of town storage facility. A local crew will await our truck and unpack all of your belongins. Planning to move down the road or need priority service? Call Freedom Today.

Moving Tips

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Want to get a BIG headstart on packing and moving? Read the Tips & Trick from Freedom Moving Professionals. Our easy-to-follow articles cover a range of topics including time saving packing tips, protection tips for your delicate valuables, back-saving tips on how to move large furniture and much more. Even if you are not moving for months, Freedom Moving is here to help.

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Moving Tips and Tricks

  • Holiday Storage Ideas
    Holiday Storage Ideas
    While the holiday season is in full swing, too soon, we’ll be focusing on taking down all the decorations after the New Year. Are you looking for holiday storage ideas? We’ve got a few for you, including some for the DIY-lovers out there! Ornament Storage Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, especially if you collect the yearly ceramic ornaments that are so popular. While they look great on the tree, they can be a challenge to store. A simple ornament container with multiple layers is usually the perfect choice with these and traditional ball ornaments. Each layer is fabric-lined...
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  • Short-Term Rentals – Filling the Housing Gap
    Short-Term Rentals – Filling the Housing Gap
    If we lived in a perfect world, the timing of selling your current home and moving to your new one would happen on the same day. We wouldn’t have to worry about short-term rentals. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. So, what happens when you find the...
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  • What Important Papers You Need While Moving
    What Important Papers You Need While Moving
    There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the moving process and realizing you’ve forgotten where a vital document is. Or worse, it’s packed away in a filing cabinet that’s already on the moving truck. If you’re only moving a few miles away from your current location, keeping essential...
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